Mountain Crest Photo gallery Mountain Crest Photo gallery Mountain Crest's Axle In memorial of Axle Died 2006 This picture shows him baying the bear he tracked This dog was probably the greatest dog we ever owned ...He set a record for us tracking the most Black Bear of any dog in our...history... He lived until the age of 18 years ....Quietly falling to sleep ... We have some fantastic dogs now, but can never replace our Axle .... We will never forget you Buddy ole' pal.... 9939349 Mountain Crest's Office The wood used to make this building is from the Black Bear Hunting area we go to every year in Canada....Dubraville Lumber Mill 152316326 Mountain Crest's Office 1st place tracking trophys and ribbons and medals. 152316258 Mountain Crest's Office Some of our Dogs awards and the harnesses we use to work our dogs.. 152316263 Mountain Crest's Office We take 1st place trophys 152316260 Mountain Crest's Office All Firsts 152316262 Hooch 195074378 Mountain Crest's office 1st place and Grand Champion Trophys 152316261 Mountain Crest's Lea She was waiting for her piece of Bear meat.. 195074379 Mountain Crest's Office 1st place State and National Tracking Champions 152316257 Mountain Crest's Bronson Gary was telling him to wait and he would be next to go.. 195074380 Mountain Crest's Rosco One of our pups 5 months old 8830466 Mountain Crest's Ruger He was watching a chipmunk and wanted to get out and get him.. 195074381 Mountain Crest's Hooch Hooch was coming across our camp in Western Montana He told us he smelled a Lion...He stood his ground until the rest of the pack could come join him...We got this picture just before he made his advance toward the lion...The Lion ran 250 yards to the closest rock ridge .... Hooch stood his did the lion..but.....Hooch won! 8830467 Mountain Crest's Hooch Getting ready to start the pack on a hunt Our Champion Tracking Dog 3 time winner over 200 dogs 8830457 Mountain Crest's Hooch 157635791 Mountain Crest's Maybelle Sweet and loving girl. Has the typical Bloodhound nature. 173406577 Mountain Crest's Delila Our new Australian pup arrived in Nov 2009 60829983 Mountain Crest's Angel A little camera shy Angel says " maybe if I walk real slow she won't be able to see me" 164232055 Mountain Crest's Maybelle she is a stocky and broad..very large female. Her shoulder height is approx 34". She has that Bloodhound disposition sweet..and gentle. 173406578 Mountain Crest's Hooch 157635792 Mountain Crest's Lena a couple of Layed back dogs 164232056 Mountain Crest's Maybelle She is very attentive and intelligent. She loves affection and isn't at all shy at giving it back. 173406579 Mountain Crest's Bronson He stands at 36" at the shoulder He is the sweetest boy very intelligent quick to learn easy to train. Loving and affectionate 173405889 Mountain Crest's Delila One of Our New Australian pups arrived in Nov 2009 60829982 Mountain Crest's Clara All tired from swimming 164232057 Mountain Crest's Frannie 195401359 Mountain Crest's Bronson His ear length is amazing. Sadly pictures do not show the quality of our dogs. 173405890 Mountain Crest's Ruger 195401360 Mountain Crest's Bronson He is protective of his pack. He will defend with out thought. He is reliable large boned and one tough boy when it comes to hunting,. 173405891 Mountain Crest's Ruger 195401361 Mountain Crest's Frannie 195401362 Hooch and Lena They were waiting to get the go ahead to start tracking.. They look very serious and they are... They don't dare to move until Grandpa gives them the go ahead... Come on Gary is it time yet???? 50503766 Mountain Crest's Hooch Hooch awaits the signal to come... All our dogs wait for our signal...with anticipation of the hunt...yet steady as they smart and intelligent...they figure out the plan before we do... 8831392 Mountain Crest's Frannie Relaxing in the sun 195401363 Mountain Crest's Hooch 164232058 Mountain Crest's Frannie 195401378 Hooch and Angel Hooch is always ready to track 164232059 Hooch is hunting for scent of Bear He is a determined dog...has never given up on any animal he is sent to track...Outstanding tracking ability's... He will find the way when there is none... Such a beautiful animal... 100464944 Mountain Crest's Hooch He is keeping his ladies and his kids in line.. 164232060 Hooch and Lena Hooch weights in at 156 lbs full weight Lena weights in at 135 full weight 47033990 Mountain Crest's Jake Jake works for the Michigan State Police 155777314 Mountain Crest's Frannie The lake behind is where the dogs swim every day 164232061 Sadie playing with Triscut Sadie is trying to be a flying dog...She practices with her ears...and jumping real high.. 164232062 Mountain Crest's Bronson He is our other standing studs 147874524 Cassie.. Triscut... Bronson 164232063 Mountain Crest's Bronson Bronson weigh's 154 stands 36" at the shoulder 152316255 Bella... Cassie...Triscut Cassie is curious ...:What was the question? 164232064 Sissy and Bronson 152314327 Bella...Triscut...Sissy 164232065 Sissy ...Bronson...Maybelle 152316256 Brono no longer used as Stud... Bruno Black and Tan in Color weights 152 stands 36" at the shoulder... large bone..lots of skin and excellent Conformation.... As of 2008 He had tracked 23 Black Bear 9 Mountain Lion Numerous White tail Deer..... 14 Bobcat Tracked and Treed a few Raccoon Found the neighbors lost Yorkie pup 8830610 Cassie...Bella....Triscut...Sissy 164232066 Mountain Crest's Brono Taking a rest...been a long day of tracking...Such a gentle full of fun and laughs...Brono is not nutered he is active no signs of tumors ...cancer..or arthritis he is now 16 1/2 years old 8830561 Mountain Crest's Sadie She is just two months old here 164232067 Mountain Crest's Brono We captured this picture as Bruno was coming around a bend...He caught trace scents of the Bear and he was getting ready to launch into tracking frenzy...... 8830611 Mountain Crest's Sadie 164232068 Mountain Crest's Sadie 164232069 Mountain Crest's Brono Always tracking...loves every minute of it...He is retired and earning his right to relax and have fun with the family 100464945 Mountain Crest's Brono Brono is a serious hunter Checking out the cave entrance of an abandoned mine in Colorado...he's smelling a Lion 8827360 Mountain Crest's Bronson 164232070 Mountain Crest's Bronson He is gathering up his group and makeing them toe the line.. 164232071 Brono and Sissy 97922440 Mountain Crest's Bella at two months old 164232072 Mountain Crest's Bella Such a sweet darling 164232073 Mountain Crest's Hank Is our Largest male he ranks 1st in the pack 100797371 Mopuntain Crest's Hank weight 156lbs stands 36" at shoulder 100797370 Mountain Crest's Hank Middle dog 155777415 Sissy...Bella.... Bronson Bronson is on patrol with his girls and kids.. 164232074 Mountain Crest's Sissy She is resting on the open grounds of Western's been a long successful day... 8830625 Mountain Crest's Hunting Gang 164232075 Mountain Crest's Sissy Sissy has found the air born scent...She is waiting for the other members of the pack to let her know where they are...she turns and follows the sound...then takes her nose to the air... 8831298 Mountain Crest's Hunting Buddies 164232076 Mountain Crest's Sissy 2008 Bear hunting Sissy is investigating the terrain and heading to the lake for her daily swim.. Every year Sissy heads for this spot Its her favorite hill...She loves to stand and observe...then heads down to the lake with the others... ... 12128003 Mountain Crest's Hunting Gang 164232077 Mountain Crest's Cassie...Triscut 164232078 Mountain Crest's Clara Belle Clara Belle weight is aprox 135 lbs she is a big girl and stands aprox 34 inches.. 152250547 Mountain Crest's Hooch Hooch is saying ...Yes I'm ready just waiting for you... 164232079 Mountain Crest's Clara Belle She is the mother of Sadie 152314324 Mountain Crest's Hooch....Clara...Angel...Lena 164232080 Mountain Crest's Maybelle Congratulations Maybelle and Bronson 173100330 Mountain Crest's Maybelle 173100329 Mountain Crest's Maybelle First time mom this year 2012 Awsome puppys 152314326 Mountain Crest's Gang 164232081 Mountain Crest's Maybelle Weigh's 135 lbs... Stands 33" at shoulder 155945346 Mountain Crest's Maybelle Momma Kass is working on her championship in tracking..and doing well... 155945347 Mountain Crest's Maybelle In the winter is when we get our dog equiptment cleaned ready for the next hunting season..Maybelle heard her bell and had a fit until I hitched her up and took her picture.. 173407441 Mountain Crest's Maybelle Loves her harness and is waiting by the gate ready to go pull something out of the woods..The bell is applied to the front of the harness... 173407442 Mountain Crest's Maybelle Notice how comfortable these harnesses are built for our dogs. We put extra straps for the least amount of pressure to insure the safety of our guys..also there is a thick lining of sheep's wool to pad the straps..Dogs are so comfortable they beg to put the harnesses on... 173407443 Mountain Crest's Maybelle I took the pictures and she was very upset when I tried to take it off..She wanted to go tracking...Our dogs love to pull and work... 173407440 Mountain Crest's Maybelle Momma Kass is what we call her is a nice stocky female full of hunting drive she loves to track..and drag 155945352 Mountain Crest's Bronson 164232083 Mountain Crest's Bella and Gang Bella loves the camera not a bit shy 164232082 Hooch Angel Lea 164232085 Lena when she was a baby... 97921089 Mountain Crest's Lena Belle She is the mother of Angel 50503762 Mountain Crest's Lena Such a proud girl...such a sweetheart and profound hunter... So serious she takes her life as a pack member and hunter... 61984720 Mountain Crest's Angel ..Lena..Clara...Hooch 152317497 Mountain Crest's Lena Belle Such a cute baby 9939348 Lena when she was a baby... 100797374 Mountain Crest's Lena and Moxy Lena weights 135 lbs Moxy 135lbs give or take a few 47033986 Mountain Crest's Moxy Moxy awaits the signal to come Moxy has her own style of tracking...she is both air style and ground... 8831300 Mountain Crest's Bella 164232093 Mountain Crest's Bella 164232094 Mountain Crest's Moxy is retired Moxie was State and National Tracking Champion Is not spayed she shows no signs of tumors..cancer.. or arthritis..she is now 15 years old.. very healthy and active... 47033983 Mountain Crest's Moxy Her head and fore legs are sticking out the bottom window of our outside door.... This helps show her size 47033984 Mountain Crest's Sadie she is a bit older than Triscut and Bella in this picture by two weeks... 164232095 Mountain Crest's Moxy Moxy weighs 135lbs she is a very big girl 47033993 Mountain Crest's Sadie 164232096 Mountain Crest's Maggie She will go on her first hunt in Feb...2011....We are going to the Bitter-root of Idaho to hunt the big cats.. 100467416 Mountain Crest Gang Everyone is having fun and getting ready to go tracking....Puppies are starting to track Bear at 3 mos... 164232098 Mountain Crest's Maggie Retired...Maggie loves to work around the house and in Camp..So we lighten the load and have her carry meds...water..and a small two wheeled cart...She loves it and it makes her feel useful... 155777311 Mountain Crest's Maggie She is an ole timer and retired Not spayed and no signs of tumors or cancer or arthritis she is very active and keeps herself fit..She is now 14 years old.. 155777312 Mountain Crest Gang Bronson with two of the new puppies Sadie and Triscut 164232099 Some of the Gang getting ready to Track Notice how the group works in a pack...Starting to pick up a trail Bruno leads and Hooch trails in the back to protect the rear of the group.....The females stay in the middle as well as the young adolescences.... 8827381 Mountain Crest's Bronson 164232100 The Mountain Crest Pack together Getting ready to track...Bruno is in the lead... the girls and adolescents are in the Middle Hooch is taking up the rear 8827361 All the dogs hot on the scent of a Black Bear Scent getting hotter...Notice how they are working as a pack .... We do not have radio collars on our dogs nor do we have any leads..they stay close to us and come back at command.. 8827382 Sable....Trailer......Hooch....and Bubba This is how we track a wounded or downed animal.. Allowing the dogs to find their own way 50531040 Some of Our Buddies They are picking up scent working as a team Usually only in the Western states do we use collars and Bells... 50531039 Mountain Crest's Bess Shows her tracking for Bobcat she loves the hunt.. 39358481 Mountain Crest's Toxin Dew Pictured here 5 months old Front Paw measures 5 1/2 inches wide 155945348 Mountain Crest's Toxin Dew One of our puppy's 155945349 Mountain Crest's Toxin Dew Gary is 6 ft tall Toxin is huge... 155945353 Mountain Crest's Sadie Mae Breeder female Daughter of Clara Belle 158493075 Mountain Crest's Sadie Mae Sadie is 1 year old in this picture 173408483 Mountain Crest's Sadie Mae 173408484 Mountain Crest's Sadie Mae Future hunter 173408485 Mountain Crest's Gretchen 2 months 0ld 147874220 Mountain Crest's Sadie Mae 4 weeks old The following pictures of puppies are Mountain Crest Bloodhounds 155945350 Mountain Crest's Tandem Tri Axle Resting after training.... 3 months old Daughter of our Late Axle boy Mountain Crest Puppy 21796215 All Mountain Crest Puppies Future hunter 158493076 Mountain Crest's Trisket Future hunter 4 1/2 weeks old Mountain Crest Puppy 157635793 Mountain Crest's Trisket 158493078 Mountain Crest Puppies 174439766 Mountain Crest's Frannie 174439774 174439777 Our puppies at 6 to 8 weeks old 174439795 174439797 174439798 174439799 174439800 174439801 174439803 174439804 174439847 174439848 174439849 Mountin Crest's Leah What do you want I'm eating? 174439851 Look Grandpa is at it again.. 174439852 This is a Mountain Crest Harness This is one of our harness we use on our dogs to pull.. 175453740 Mountain Crest's Maybelle We had these harnesses made just for our dogs to work in.. Maybelle is so proud of her harness and bell... 175453741 Mountain Crest's Maybelle Here May is modeling her harness We would never allow her to pull in this condition...She is still nursing puppies in these pictures and in full bag.. But she felt like she was going to be left out so I put it on her to make her feel better... 175453742 Mountain Crest's Maybelle Note the amount of straps for comfort..These harnesses are made of real sheep skin underlining.. 175453743 Mountain Crest's Sadie Sadie is 6 mos old in these pictures 175453747 Mountain Crest's Sadie 175453746 Mountain Crest's Bronson 175453745 Mountain Crest's Bronson Bronson is a year old in these pictures... 175453748 Mountain Crest's Bronson 175453749 Bronson and his elephant ears 175453750 Mountain Crest's Bronson 175453752 Mountain Crest's Mack Mack is not quite 2 years old in these pictures 158 lbs 175453753 Mountain Crest's Mack 175453754 More Mountain Crest Puppies 176242965 176242968 176242969 Mountain Crest's Lee Ann Lea is 6 weeks old in these pictures (Lee Ann) Gary has her in training for hunting and tracking now.. 180065596 Mountain Crest's Lee ann Our up and coming breeder female and hunter... 180065592 Mountain Crest's Lee Ann This year will be Lea's first hunting season she will enjoy her first swim and she already loves to play fetch... 180065593 Mountain Crest's Lee Ann Lea's has so much skin and shielding.. 180065595 Mountain Crest's Lee Ann 181333524 mountain Crest's Lee Ann 181333525 Mountain Crest's Lee Ann 181333526 Mountain Crest's Lee Ann 181333527 Mountain Crest's Leah 185351167 Mountain Crest's Sissy Our Sissy is 15 in this picture and going strong ...She is very healthy and is still the Matriarch of the Pack... She is such a humble companion... 185646314 Mountain Crest's Lenna Weight 145 lbs 35 at shoulder 194139632 Mountain Crest's Bronson 156 lbs of Muscle Stands 36 1/2 at the shoulder 2012- 2014 Holds title for International Tracking Champion 195083814 Mountain Crest's Hooch 157 lbs of Muscle Stands 36 at the shoulder 2009 - to present...Holds title of State ,National, International Tracking Champion 195083815 Mountain Crest's Ruger 160 lbs of Muscle and Moxy Standing 37 at the shoulder 2014 Holds title for International Tracking Champion 197508649 Hooch He loves attention..and well deserved... 199662529 Excited to track 199662530 Tracking starts 199662531 Each dog knows his and her place and develops their own technique...This freedom of no leash...lets them develop individually... 199662532 Gary starting the young pups on tracking 199662533 Mountain Crest's Sadie age 8 weeks old 199662534 Mountain Crest's Sadie Age 8 weeks old 199662535 Mountain Crest's Matte age 8 weeks old 199721055 Mountain Crest's Hanna 4 mos in this picture Hanna is one of our large girls she is standing 34 at shoulder at this young age... 199748874 Mountain Crest's Hanna 4 mos in this picture... She is large boned and pretty muscular for a puppy.. 199748875 Mountain Crest's Annabelle Our new babies Nov 2015 5 weeks old 200325540 Mountain Crest's Ginger Spice 5 weeks old 200325541 Mountain Crest's Ruger Too 5 weeks old 200325542 Mountain Crest's Sadie too 200407063 200407064 Mountain Crest's Sadie and Ava 2015 Babies training to track.. 200407065 200407066 Mountain Crest's Moms and Dads Tracking for Bear 200407067 200407068 200407069 Mountain Crest's Tracking Champions Tracking Frenzy 200407070 200407071 Mountain Crest's Matte 200407072 Mountain Crest's Rebecca 200407073 Mountain Crest's Bronson, Lea, Kassie 200407074 Search and Rescue Training 200407075 Mountain Crest's Puppie 11 mos old 200407076 200407077 200407078 200407079 200407080 200407081 200407082 200407083 Gary training this pup for SAR 200407084 200407085 Mountain Crest's 11 Month old Pup Note: Your Lead should always be loose no strain on dog nor handler...Let your dog work freely but under voice control.. 200407086 200407087 200407088 Love and respect for both dog and handler...Builds confidence 200407089 200407090 200407091 Mountain Crest's Puppie 200407092 Mountain Crest's Lea 200407093 Dec 18 2015 Mountain Crest's Lea....Bronoson 200550563 200550564 Mountain Crest's Lea and Cassie Watching the Goats through the fence.. 200550565 Mountain Crest's Ava Our Camera caught her in flight coming to Grandma 3 mos old 200550566 Mountain Crest's Hanna Just 6 mos old 200550567 Mountain Crest's Matte Just 6 mos old 200550568 Mountain Crest's Sadie 3 mos old 200550569 Mountain Crest's Matte 6 mos old 200550570 Mountain Crest's Clara..Cassie..Bronoson 200550571 Mountain Crest's Rebecca Just 11 mos old...and already knows how to use those long ears to fly... 200550572 Mountain Crest's Bronoson 200550574 Mountain Crest's Bronoson and Clara 200550575 Mountain Crest's Gang 200550576 Mountain Crest's Puppies New tracking babies..for 2016 year... 200550577 Mountain Crest's Gang Gary getting them ready to go tracking whitetail.. All babies learning the Bloodhound trade... 200550579 Mountain Crest's Maybelle I was going to take a nice long bath when one of our Baby's decided to jump in the tub a head of me... 200673322 Mountain Crest's Maybelle She loves baths and you can see by the tub water I think I'll wait til later...Isn't that the most adorable guilty face? 200673323 Mountain Crest's Matte 201079693 Mountain Crest's Hanna 201079694 Mountain Crest's Rim Rod 201079695 Mountain Crest's Rim Rod 201079696 Mountain Crest's Rim Rod 201079697 Mountain Crest's Rim Rod 201079698