Successful 2014 Black Bear Hunt Successful 2014 Black Bear Hunt Judy's Bear Aug 2014 195074382 Judy's Bear Hooch in the back ground ...he's waiting to help with the bear.. 195074374 Gary's Bear 195074375 Sissy Our old girl she loves camping and relaxing on the lake side of camp 195074376 Dog Camp This is how we put up camp for our babies... 195074319 Dump site You can see Bear in the back ground 195074383 Dump site There are many Bald Eagles that hang around the Dump I got just a few on pic... 195074384 Dump Site Bald Eagles and Black Bear 195074385 Aug 2014 Camp 195074315 Our exclusive lake 195074316 2014 camp 195074317 Gary busy as usual in camp 195074318 Nice 2014 Judy's Black Bear 195083816