Mountain Crest Bloodhounds 

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Born March 8 2018..

Quality Old Foundation Bloodlines..

Pic's taken 4-16 2018


She is so sweet and personable..loves to play is around all kinds of pets and livestock...

Quality full of skin and wrinkle



Loves to play sweet disposition

Quality full of skin and wrinkle

She is sweet and full of personality..

Quality and full of skin and wrinkle

Beautiful Boy with lots of personality

Quality Tons of skin and wrinkle


Sweet personality..loves people very loyal..
Gentle natured

Weight is 160 lbs...Height is 37 at shoulder

He is one of our best trackers ...he leads his pack in coyote hunting all the while watching and keeping track of his pack mates..He has defended others and is eager and amazing in the run and fetch..
He is the proud Daddy of many Champions...
His personality is sweet and loving...Intelligent and learns quickly..
Anna Belle ...MOM

Best Mom keeps her babies licken clean...
She is the sweetest dog on the planet very loving and loyal
Gentlel natured

Weight 146....Height is 35 at shoulder

She is a strong tracker with great ambition...she stays with the pack in the front when running game..she is not afraid to get in and work..Her personality is very loving and sweet...Huge female with lots of bone and quality..