Mountain Crest Bloodhounds

Quality Bloodhounds...Our only Business

Mountain Crest Bloodhounds

Proudly Presents

Last of Apr. first of May Litter expected

Parents Leah and Hooch Below and Right

Both Dogs are Grand State, Grand National, Grande International Tracking Champions

"Vet Comments"
 Mountain Crest Bloodhounds are
"Gentle Giants"

Our Dogs have become
World Renown
Grand State--Grand National--Grande International

 Bloodhound Tracking Champions

45 years of
Old Foundation Quality Sound Bloodlines

Our Dogs are
Hunting dogs..Working dogs..

SAR dogs
EMS spotters..Fire detection ...Arson dogs
Police tracking with special forces take down, pin and hold
 Armed forces Detection dogs

Prison guards with security tracking, pin and hold.
School Children's reading programs
Nursing home visitors and restores
Helping Hospital Aids.

Companions and Family pets
Movie Actors
Champion Show Dogs...(Customers showing our pups)

No Breeder Gimmicks!
No pet owner application
No Limited Registration
No limited Registration price
No pet quality price
No spay or neuter contract
No Breeder Contract
No sales tax charge

Our Guarantee
Full AKC Reg. Papers
 Health Certificate
Signed by Our Veterinarian
Through Vet Check and Medical info
at time of purchase Puppy has received 

 1st Puppy shot (or series depending on age with
best Vaccine Our Veterinarian can supply )

Wormed with Vet high quality worming Med's
(if needed very two weeks until purchase)
Dew claws removed
Any additional Vaccines required
by your State or Country for transport
Our Vet will supply
(No extra cost to you)

   $1500.00 USD

w/o shipping

Can Ship World Wide

To contact us


Fax 1-231-743-2273
  [email protected]

As a truck Driver

Gary offers

Free Delivery

To South field Michigan (Detroit area)

Our President needs our prayers for protection and wisdom
The devil is more prevalent now than ever..and the battle
He will fight is insurmountable..He needs your guidance, wisdom and love..
We continue to pray for our Armed forces Soldiers and their families
and all your people in general.
We thank you for the
privilege of living in the Greatest Country in the World
In Jesus we pray

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County and AKC inspected
We are not associated with any kennels and are independently owned
 Premises  protected 24/7 with recorded security cameras
No refunds